The Process

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Our number one goal is creating something that will be valuable to our couples and their families for decades. We believe that a "pretty" video is great, but our studio’s approach is to represent the incredible party it really was, the stunning people that were there, and the incredible setting, fashion, and decor.

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I want to tell your story. I'm going to be unobtrusive and allow you to enjoy your big day. Most couples don’t have any acting experience so we don’t ask you to act, redo anything, or make you do anything outside of your comfort zone.

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My approach is Intimate and emotionally powerful and cinematic, Intentional yet natural. I want to tell your wedding story in a timeless manner with cinematic finesse.

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I believe that it’s the passion, the attention to detail, and the time I spend meticulously crafting the films that allow me to tell your story better than anyone else. My mission is to distill both the physical beauty and the intangible emotions of my clients’ weddings into one stunning film. I want every film to be a dream all the couples can revisit.

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